Summer Rising Enrollment is Open!

This summer, DOE and DYCD plan to serve a record number of students through Summer Rising, a free, safe, and fun academic and enrichment program for NYC students currently in grades K-8. 

We encourage families to apply early to secure a spot at their preferred location. Enrollment is quick and easy, and it can be completed from any device with an internet connection or by contacting your school’s Parent Coordinator.

This year, families can submit one enrollment per child, so please choose your site carefully. You can enroll at any Summer Rising location with seats available for your child’s grade band (K-5 or 6-8). Many schools will be located in a different building for the summer; if you are unsure where your school will be operating Summer Rising, contact your school or view the building list posted further down on this webpage.

If your child has a 9-digit OSIS (student ID) number, make sure you have it on-hand to complete your enrollment.

For more info: Summer Rising Enrollment is Open!

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