Uptown Talk: Latinos Out Loud Bonus – Back in the Booth

Oh snap, the LOL Crew is back people. Now entering the seventh season, Latinos Out Loud welcomes 2020 as Frank welcomes a baby???!!! Hear the group chat about his mysterious Daddy post on social media. The crew also recaps their holiday break and recent appearance on the PIX11 Morning Show.

On “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime dishes on Gwyneth Paltrow’s scented vagina candle, a new app that photographs and then identifies strangers on the street, and El Chapo’s daughter releasing a line of beer named after her father.

New for 2020, “Bingeing with Bago” is a segment where he shouts out binge-worthy shows and the proper technique behind the binge. In this first installment, Bago indulges on Netflix reality show, “The Circle”.

Also new is a segment called “MOMedy w/Rachel La Loca” where she shares recent experiences in her motherhood journey. In this first installment, Rachel and LOL intern Dari Dejesus discuss instances of extreme reactions with their boys.

On this week’s Frankspiracy News, Frank tells us the about the top secret meeting in 1991 with the some of the rap artists of that era and how it links to the current US prison system.

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