Perreo in the Park | Bronx Free Press

Photos by Adeet Deshmukhm

Protestors gathered at City Hall Park.

The brought turntables to the tumult.

As Ricardo Rosselló stepped down as Governor of Puerto Rico, activists celebrated with a public perreo event at City Hall Park on August 2nd.

Perreo is an energetic dance similar to twerking and is often associated with reggaeton music.
Arranged by visual artist and photographer Ojos Nebulosos and musician Bembona, the public gathering – complete with music – was designed to salute Rosselló’s ouster, and also to “demonstrate the ability to use this artistic expression to take back power and lead social movements for freedom and decolonization,” according to organizers.

Billed as a “perreo combativo,” it was intended to serve as an act of defiance in dance.

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