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Story and photos by Erik Cuello

Groundswell Mural - George Washington Campus

The group worked together since March.

They were struck by the strokes.

A new mural at the George Washington Educational Complex is the handiwork of seven student artists intent on expressing the challenges specific to young women of color.

The group of seven hails from the George Washington Educational Campus.

The mural was produced in collaboration with the non-profit arts group Groundswell, the Dominican Women’s Development Center (DWDC), and Councilmember Ydanis Rodríguez.

Groundswell encourages collaborative art-making as a form of youth community activism; its administrators and volunteers work with underserved youths at a host of public spaces, including schools.

“We want to understand what the issues [are] in your area,” explained Ariel Estrella, Groundswell’s Community Associate. “And how you imagine change.”

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Mural George Washington Educational Complex


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