Uptown Video: Laughter Is the Best Medicine ft. Juan Bago

Over the years, studies have revealed that humor is a great way to cope with stress and other mental health–related issues. This natural stress-reducer has been related to improved health, increased life expectancy, and overall well-being. Internet sensation and comedian Michael Diaz — better known as Juan Bago — discusses how he uses comedy to uplift others with his relatable sketches and shares the secret to living life stress-free through yoga therapy. So go ahead, watch the video above and laugh away — it’s healthy, after all.

By the way, you can catch Juan Bago and the funny folks at Room 28 at Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center (530 West 166th) on June 9th. The event is free but RSVP list is almost closed. Click below for info.

06/09/16: The Best of Room 28 @ The Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center


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