The Uptown Collective Selected to Brick Underground’s 25 Best NYC Neighborhood Blogs of 2016 List

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

The 2013 Carnaval Del Boulevard

This literally came out of nowhere. We didn’t even know we were in the running but we are ecstatic to be considered one of the best NYC neighborhood blogs of 2016. This is an incredible honor and a testament to the sweat equity we put in on a daily basis spreading that Uptown Love. Thanks to Virginia K. Smith and Brick Underground for this awesome accolade. We appreciate it and will continue to fervently preach the Uptown gospel. I like to say that we don’t cover the hood we are the hood. It is super encouraging to see that dedication bearing fruit. Much love to all the other blogs that made the list and are fighting the good fight.

Check it out: The 25 best NYC neighborhood blogs of 2016

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