Put You On: Leon Bridges

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

It all started with the iPhone commercial seen below. I tried to Shazam the song everything time I saw the commercial to no avail. Being that I am a man of action, I did what a person of action would do and headed to Google to find out whose song that was. After a short search I came across the name Leon Bridges. Then it was off to Spotify to dig deeper into the man’s music.

What I found was absolutely incredible soul music that was both timeless and timely. You need in this your life post haste. The album was released late last month and is all about love, family and faith. My absolute favorite song is Lisa Sawyer, which tells the story of his mother and her growing up poor but proud in New Orleans. The love he has for mother and her struggle is palpable on very word and on every note. River is another standout that is truly mind-blowing and calls to mind the magnificence of Sam Cooke. This is simply great music that stirs something deep down in your soul. So what are you waiting for? Get up on Leon Bridges and his brand-new but old-fashioned soul music. You are most welcome. Enjoy!

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