The 2015 North American International Auto Show – The Recap

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)


Thousands of journalists, auto industry personnel, influencers and car lovers from all over the world converged on Detroit for the 2015 North American International Auto Show, which kicks off the auto show season and featured over 50 vehicle debuts. This show is an immense production, the NYC auto show, which I attend every year, seems to pale in comparison. The North American International Auto Show is something akin to a Valhalla for auto enthusiasts.

2015 North American International Auto Show - Ford F-150

As a certified car-nut as well as a member of the Ford Millennials team, I was super proud that an American brand like Ford was in many ways the standout of the entire extravaganza. Not only did Ford kick off the auto show with the welcomed news that the Ford F-150 won the coveted truck of the year award but the Ford GT Supercar was also the talk of the auto show. To be completely honest, I was actually swooning in its presence. It is just that gorgeous. The Ford GT is here to compete and surpass the big boys of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

2015 North American International Auto Show - Ford GT

One of the highlights of my trip to Detroit was an excursion to the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, which is Ford’s first factory and the birthplace of the iconic Ford Model T automobile. This is where it all began folks. When these automobiles began to roll out of this plant over a hundred years ago, they literally changed the course of human history.

Ford Piquette Plant - Ford Model T

I also took a trip to the next-generation and very green facility that produces the award-winning Ford F-150. It is fulfilling to see that the innovation that Henry Ford inculcated into Ford’s DNA is still a vibrant and essential part of it’s identity. It is a legacy that continues to bear beautiful fruit.

North American International Auto Show - Badge - Led Black - Uptown Collective


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