12/7/14: The Hip-Hop Nutcracker @ The United Palace

The Hip-Hop Nutcracker @ The United PalaceListen up folks… You NEED to be in attendance for the Uptown debut of The Hip-Hop Nutcracker at the venerable United Palace on Sunday, December 7th. This show is destined to become a new holiday classic and you get to catch it in its very first run. This spectacle has it all – dance, energy, rhythm, movement and magic. Did we mention that hip-hop legend, Kurtis Blow, will take part in the festivities? The Hip-Hop Nutcracker takes all the awesomeness of the original and infuses it with something entirely new. Tickets are going fast, so do yourself a favor and get your tickets post-haste.

For more info: http://unitedpalace.org/hip-hop-nutcracker


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