Uptown Video: Young Jee X Inwood Hill Park Time Lapse

The video above shows the artist Young Jee in action working on his favorite canvas, Inwood Hill Park. For those that don’t know, Young Jee created beautiful natural art installations in Inwood Hill Park. Young Jee passed away in August 26th, 2012 but the artist remains alive in the minds of those who encountered his sublime work in the wilds of that magnificent park.

Young Jee's Art of Nature in Inwood Hill Park Inwood


Rest in Peace: Young Jee

Inwood Hill Park Enigma – The Art of Young Jee

The Art of Nature: Young Jee Returns

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  • Jody Borhani
    September 9, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Who made this video? How beautiful.