The 2014 Ford Trends Conference – The Recap

Ford Trends Conf

The Ford Motor Company has been innovating, disrupting and shifting paradigms since the turn of the last century. Their annual Ford Trends conference is all about getting thought leaders, influencers as well as Ford designers and engineers together to discuss, dissect and discern future trends shaping not just the automotive world but the wider world as well.

The event was much more than just a super cool behind-the-scenes look at the products/ideas that Ford is developing but also featured thought-provoking panels on such diverse topics as Big Data, Sustainability and Female Empowerment. I was completely blown away by the important work being done by companies such as Charity Water, which is a non-profit that has funded nearly 12 thousand much-needed water projects in 22 countries. Did you know that 800 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water? Neither did I but start ups such as Charity Water are working arduously to change that daunting and dire figure.

On a less serious note, attendees were treated to a tour of the sustainable/next-generation manufacturing plant where the Ford F-150’s are produced. As an auto enthusiast, I was thrilled at the opportunity to test drive most of the Ford line up as well as getting the inside scoop on all the innovations that Ford is bringing to the market. The Ford Trends Conference was proof positive that Ford continues to lead, disrupt and innovate and that is not just good news for Ford but the country as a whole.


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