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Caffe Bene - Washington Heights

Misugaru, anyone?

It appears that there is more than kimchee and barbeque to savor from South Korea.

Misugaru is a popular Korean beverage made of a prepackaged powder that contains five different grains, including black sesame seeds, black bean, black and brown rice and barley. The combination is mixed with milk.

And the beverage will be available at Caffé Bene at 9 Edward

Morgan Place, which converges with West 157th Street and Broadway. The new shop will offer Misugaru lattes, smoothies and frappes.

According to company representatives, construction at the 157th Street location is wrapping soon, and the store should be opened by mid-July.

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  • Dan
    July 9, 2014 at 11:24 am

    Cafe Bene is a part of a global franchise with thousands of locations worldwide, pretty much a korean McDonalds. It’s opening right next door to Taszo, a true local coffee shop opened by people who live in washington heights that has been bringing a community together and promoting arts and musical events. Cafe Bene will do none of that and money spent there will simply travel outside the US.
    As a website that is meant to serve the best interest of Washington Heights you should get your priorities straight.