Message to a Murderer: He is still ABLAZE!!!

By Carl L. Clemons (@CarlLClemons)

Carl Blaze

This is without question the most difficult letter I ever had to write in my entire life. The reason for this being an intense desire to use my hands with another tool other than a keyboard to address you!

The issue I have with you beyond the fact that you are a coward with no conscience is that you have no idea the King, the Man, and the good-hearted person you so selfishly removed from existence. I know in my heart if you would have, even a degenerate such as yourself, would not have done what you did.

I am positive I give voice to many when I say; if a hell exists, we hope they have a party with you as the entertainment for eternity. And, the remaining time you have left on this earth should be spent with the most hellish torment of your worse fears and nightmares in the most decrepit of conditions. May you drink and never quench your thirst, may you eat and forever starve. Hopefully your days will be spent with the recurrent haunting memory of the King Carl Blaze, the life you so callously stole from many who love him, need him and are having the hardest time living without him.

We all remember the day like it was yesterday. When I heard the news, I immediately wanted to come and take your life as I am sure there were many soldiers ready to come and snatch you off the street. But like the snake and rat that you are, you hurriedly squirmed your way into the cracks and crevices. I am not the “turn the other cheek”  “forgive and forget” type of person. SO, since you couldn’t give our beloved King the right to life and the chance to live, here are nineteen reasons why I feel you should not live and for you I would vote for the death penalty.

  1. YOU, took a son away from his mother.
  2. YOU, took a Husband away from his Wife.
  3. YOU, took a Father from his children.
  4. YOU, took a Brother from his siblings.
  5. YOU, took a friend from a plethora of friends, admirers and fans.
  6. YOU, took a community organizer in the form of our DJ Carl Blaze away from a community that has not and will not ever recover from his loss.
  7. YOU, are probably now and always have been a tremendous heartache, pain and regret for your mother.
  8. King Carl Blaze was a kind, compassionate and loving man who had so much more to contribute to the world.
  9. YOU, are one of the leeches of society and so long as you breathe in life all you will do is suck, drain all that is righteous and good out of life.
  10. King Blaze was man enough to get out of the car and talk with you like a fellow man. In a world of men, he would still be alive today.
  11. In a world of cowards and scum such as you, a real man’s life is in constant jeopardy.
  12. It was not enough to rob his valuable and precious life, YOU, had to rob his property.
  13. YOU brought about the demise of a prototypical man of which there will never be another.
  14. There are too many low lives such as you that make it hard for individuals who have the potential to amend their wrong doings to do so.
  15. Prison will not stop a rabid individual such as you. You potentially will continue to be detrimental to human life.
  16. Furthermore, a warped, morbid personality like the one you have would find solace and pleasure in prison.
  17. Who knows how many others you have hurt or murdered.
  18. YOU, intended to murder our beloved brother by the fact you shot at him 19 times!
  19. Last but, most assuredly not least; the one that encompasses all; YOU MURDERED CARLITO!

Albeit my sentiments at the time were of the above statements, I have grown enough today to understand that someone such as yourself who has no regard for human life also has no regard for their own. I can truly care less if you find forgiveness from anyone. Despite your despicable act, you could not kill a legend. Our brother lives on in more ways than one.






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