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BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Okay, so here is the deal. Jon Ullman of Trouble In The Heights fame and I are working on the definitive documentary on the infamous street libation known as the Nutcracker. The film is not just the story of what we like to call “modern day moonshine” but it is also the story of Washington Heights, it’s people and their super-natural drive. Washington Heights is the hometown hustle for a reason. Quite simply, Nutcracker is the spirit of Washington Heights.

Get Here: Nutcracker Inc. Tee

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As independent filmmakers, we are not just knee-deep in post-production of the film but also scratching, kicking and clawing to make sure this movie gets made. That’s where you come in. By showing love and purchasing something from the Nutcracker Inc. collection, you are getting us one step closer to completion. This movie will see the light of day, please help us in that self-fulfilling prophecy. You already know the motto, “Spread Love It’s The Uptown Way!”

Azad Gonzalez, who is the mastermind behind AG Burns Designs and The Flagrant Club brand, designed the entire Nutcracker Inc. Collection.

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See below for the sweet profile of our project that appeared in the Metro Section of the NY Times.

An Underground Drink Cast as a Film Star | NY Times

The promo video below is our riff on Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Twitter: @NutcrackerInc


Check out the story that started it all: The Nutcracker

Read the awesome story by Michael Feeney of the NY Daily News on our film: The modern-day moonshine of upper Manhattan

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