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Reiki healing at the hospital

Story, photos and video by Sherry Mazzocchi

Cancer Survivor

Feldman keeps a small photo of his older sister Fern, who died of Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer 24 years ago.

When Susan was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, she was devastated. She hadn’t even felt particularly ill, but she had an aggressive cancer that had already spread to her lungs.

That meant she wasn’t a candidate for surgery. Even with chemotherapy, the oncologist said she only had a two percent chance of survival.

Susan (who didn’t want to use her real name) was scheduled for a battery of chemo treatments targeting her particular type of cancer.

Dr. Sheldon Feldman, the Chief of Breast Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, suggested she try a complementary treatment—Reiki.

Dr. Feldman believes non-traditional approaches are a compliment to medicine. “I view Reiki as one of those modalities,” he said.

Feldman keeps a small photo of his older sister, Fern, in his office. She had a backache that turned out to be Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She died 24 years ago.

Read more:  “We’ve been to war together” “Estuvimos juntos en la guerra” | Manhattan Times News.

Reiki Master Raven Keyes works closely with Dr. Sheldon Feldman, the chief of breast surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She accompanies patients to chemotherapy sessions and surgery. She is also the author of, “The Healing Power of Reiki”

In the video below, Dr. Sheldon Feldman, head of breast surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, talks about using Reiki master Raven Keyes and using Reiki practitioners during surgery.


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