Uptown Film: A Miracle in Spanish Harlem

A Miracle in Spanish Harlem - Luis Antonio Ramos - Kate del Castillo

That’s right people, A Miracle in Spanish Harlem hits select theaters starting today. The film is a magical romantic drama following the life of Tito Jimenez, a widower and father of two girls. Despite holding down two jobs, Tito has trouble providing for his family and has lost his faith. The super gifted Luis Antonio Ramos plays the role of Tito.

Now, with a second chance at love, Tito is forced to make a decision that will drag his family down a trail of love, faith and redemption that begins with a lie and ends with a surprisingly true miracle. The celebrated Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo, plays Tito’s love interest in what is destined to become a Christmas classic.

Make sure you support independent Latino film-making and catch the film on it’s opening week. Remember, if we don’t support OUR art, who will? You already know the motto, “Spread Love It’s Uptown Way!”

For more: http://amiracleinspanishharlem.com/

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