The Best of the Boogie Down: Ibiza Lounge

An Egyptian Oasis in the Boogie Down…

BY Jenni Ruiza (@RuizaJenni)

Not too long ago I realized that upwards of 233rd Street in the Bronx is your ultimate stop for premiere clubbing in the Boogie Down. We’ve seen the Arabian side of the Bronx, but I was recently transported to Egypt at Ibiza Lounge. Located in Riverdale, Ibiza Lounge is the ultimate spot for everything from casual nights with your girls to all out private-themed affairs. With Egyptian decor, purple and blue lighting, and of course, the ever-so-popular hookah, Ibiza is exactly what you’re looking for in a hot spot uptown. Check out my interview with club representative, Joseph and get your outfit ready for your night at Ibiza this weekend.

Q: Why did you choose the Bronx as Ibiza Lounge’s home? How long has the establishment been open?

A: Ibiza Lounge has been open nine going-on ten years. We’re located in Riverdale, an affluent residential neighborhood in the Bronx.

Q: Tell us what sets Ibiza Lounge apart?

A: Ibiza Lounge is among the Bronx’s biggest and most beautiful nightclubs. Since it’s named for the number-one party destination in the world, you know its bashes have to be a blast too! Ibiza features lux Egyptian-themed decor and two floors of sexy (and comfortable!) lounge seating and dance areas. There are also private rooms on each floor that cater to larger groups. Be ready to dance, as Latin rhythms play late into the night. The downstairs VIP area is among the city’s most decadent hideaways, with two large couches and hookah pipes aplenty. Look out for an outdoor patio space in Summer 2013! The venue itself has two floors, two DJ booths, two large bars, and multiple dance floors.

Q: What has been the most defining moment of Ibiza Lounge?

A: Ibiza Lounge has had many great moments. Many TV shows, videos, and movies scenes have been shot in Ibiza Lounge. We’ve have had many well-known bands from all types of genres of music play here. Many sponsors have thrown annual events here, as well as, internationally-known producers and DJs played. Don’t be surprised if you see celebrities from athletes, news anchor, actors, singers, and models – they love the great vibes they get when they come here.

Q: Describe some of Ibiza’s signature drinks. Are there drink/hookah specials on any given night?

A: We offer great bottle and hookah service with many great exotic flavors.  We have two signature drinks coming soon “The Night Breaker” & “Live The Vibe”.

Q: When people think of The Bronx, they typically do not think of upscale lounges. Noting Ibiza’s beautiful decor, ambiance, and continued crowds, what is it about Ibiza Lounge that keeps the party scene live uptown?

A: Ibiza Lounge has a great reputation known for throwing the borough’s liveliest parties. We’re always finding and rotating some of the most talented uptown DJs.  Lots of people don’t know this but, a majority of those good DJs in those Downtown venues actually come from Uptown! The Bronx has such a long history of beautiful art and musical culture. We try out different party themes and we play the best of all the genres people like, but the crowds make the party. Everyone who parties here all have good energy and give off good vibes. We must be doing something right

Q: Any last words for the readers of Uptown Collective?

A: Ibiza Lounge is great for all group occasions! We have all size sections & tables available whether you have 2 or 20 guest. Reserve your table now! 347.359.7209 Walk in Reservations are more than welcome, (all size parties).

To learn more about Ibiza Lounge, visit or for event information.

Find out more about Bronx contributor, Jenni Ruiza, at Follow her on Twitter @RuizaJenni.


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