Genesis Restaurant: A Taste of Ecuador in Inwood

BY Karen Silva (@ClassicKaren)

Once in a blue moon you’ll bump into a place that will capture not only your heart but your appetite as well. For me, this is Genesis, the Ecuadorian restaurant that has resided in 207th as far as I can remember and has another location in 181st Street. From the Julio Jaramillo to Marco Antonio Solis tunes playing softly in the background, this cozy restaurant definitely sets the mood for a great meal. Whether you’re on your own or catching up with a great friend, Genesis is definitely THE spot to get delicious Ecuadorian food in Inwood.

Not only is this menu stacked with genuine Ecuadorian dishes that taste like you’re in Guayaquil eating a ceviche with tostones and a very nicely chilled Pilsener but the seasoning is just simply ace. Because of Ecuador’s geography, we’re blessed to have an array of seafood dishes along with plantains and amazing “cocolon”. Oh you know, the burnt part of the rice that’s usually scraped off the sides of the rice pot. We all have a love/hate relationship with “cocolon”.

If you’ve never stopped in or just simply crave for something different, I highly recommend the empanadas de carne or queso, humitas (which are corn meal cakes), and last but not least ceviche. Ecuadorians are known for their ceviche, there is no such thing as too much shrimp, limon, or red onions. In all fairness, I think you should try all the items on Genesis’ menu because you’ll probably never get enough of that Ecuadorian sazon that will definitely captivate your taste buds.

GENESIS Restaurant
538 WEST 207th Street

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