Op-Led: Stand Up and Be Counted

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Dyckman Street - Washington Heights

Okay, here is the situation. Tonight, there will be a public hearing at the Isabella Geriatric Center (515 Audubon Ave) at 7 pm to discuss “nightlife-related matters”. If you enjoy not having to trek downtown for fine dining, or if you enjoy having great establishments in your very own backyard or if you are one of the hundreds of people employed by these establishments that are being rallied against, then it is absolutely imperative that you attend this meeting tonight.

Like I have said in the past, there is a small but organized cadre of what I like to call “semi-professional agitators” that want to put an end to the business and cultural Renaissance taking place Uptown. They have decided that you are too noisy, too uncouth and simply do not deserve such amenities. They know the right people to call, who to send letters to and the right buttons to push and they will get their way if you don’t stand up and be counted.

It is that simple. Let your voice be heard or others who are not truly representative of this neighborhood will decide the fate of our beautiful Uptown. In all honesty, I think it is insulting that we are viewing these establishments through the prism of them being public nuisances. They have quite simply revitalized Dyckman Street and the surrounding area. They have invested their time, money, energy and resources to make Washington Heights and Inwood a better place and a go to destination for those seeking culture, coolness and cuisine and they have been met by a veritable witch-hunt by a small minority of people that want to call the shots in the neighborhood.

I take a long view of the changes taking place in this community; this is what Michael Massing had to say about Uptown in the NY Times in 1989, “so much business is transacted on these streets that Washington Heights has gained a reputation as the crack capital of America.” Contrast to what is taking place in the community today we are in a good place and we cannot allow a select few to change that. With that said, I will end this missive with a quote of unknown origin, “you’re either at the table or on the menu”.

There is strength in numbers!

Pa’Lante Siempre Pa’Lante

Isabella Geriatric Center
515 Audubon Ave.
New York, NY 10040
7 p.m.

For more info: http://facebook.com/events/publichearing/

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