Uptown Poetry: My Dear

By Pierina Medina (@ProjectLovebot)

WHIN By Any Means Presents Artsy

My Dear,

In a world with no discretion
you can die or live and accept.
While so many will cease to see this
they will only live to expect
with a hopelessness so perplexed,
I demand their loss of regrets.
So I bring some lines
just to soothe your minds
or to lead a world to reflect.

With respect,

I paint my stories
to uncover minds.
I wish to rid them of the morbid thoughts
devouring mankind.
If they pay me no mind
I still wish them the very best
while they discard this baffling logic
and substance within my chest.

But for the rest,

Don’t wait for change.
Lets work
to attract the kind
attempting conquers of a world
that puts matter right over mind.
Why impulsively incline
in emotions so undefined
like this “love” that we label “cold”
manifested by all the blind?

And I do this from the heart
but I worry it’s far too late.
See this here differentiates
so imposters just don’t relate.
My mission: recreate,
spawn my faith in every face
for proclamation of success
that kills a hater in it’s trace


They do it for the implement
that they want hate to spread.
I do this for the hearts and souls
with too much on their heads.
I wish to help emancipate this cryptic education
the kind that shall engrave itself in every generation!

So do you,
there is need for knowledge.
Do you for some power.
I’ll do me fo the future
so my thoughts they shall devour

and when I speak,
I pray my rhymes form lines of little seeds
then I’ll water them with my soul
and grow indestructible trees!
Don’t ask me, I feel the need.
I’m just taking care of some deeds.
At least I smile because MY dreams
are deshackled and finally freed

And all I’ll ever need
is my lyrical exhale.
Even the slightest turn in fate
such as failure just won’t prevail
and shall I ever fail
to pay homage to any fact,
here’s to mutilation of guilt
so my darkness stays in the past.

Don’t EVER wear a mask
or succumb to negative peers
that live off of the satisfaction
of pain that will not adhere
and wipe your tear,
so that they don’t confuse it with fear.
“this is just another life reflecting moment, my dear.”



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