Notes to Self: The Lost Poems – Little Man


I hope I’m always there for you

to love you right and care for you

and even though you aren’t mine

In my heart you always shine

Me and your mom had are time..

it was good while it lasted

but wasn’t meant for me

so I had to decide

and move past it..

No hard feelings

or resentment

just at the thought

that you’re not present

every morning with your smile

your funny words

gibberish and slurs

singing the songs I taught you

playing the games I bought you

watching the same flick over again

your imagination..

and how we pretended

to be heroes and dragons

wizards with magic…

You scarred my face and my heart

and I hurt everyday

with the thought we are apart

but I promise to finish

what I chose to start

and even if right now

you won’t understand

I am always your Frank

and you’re my LITTLE MAN

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