Sign The Petition To Bring Back MTV’s ‘Washington Heights’ For Another Season!

BY Sara Martinez (@Saritology)

MTV's Washington Heights Cast

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health… until death do us part, reality television is here to stay. You know the drill, you don’t want to watch it, but you get the flu (in sickness) you’re home, there’s nothing on besides Law & Order episodes you’ve seen at least 8 times each over the last 15 years, so you keep flipping until you find someone arguing (for worse). Lo’ and behold, you have stumbled into the Reality TV Zone. The Real Housewives of Any City, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, House Hunting, Say Yes to an Overpriced Dress You’ll Only Wear Once, you name a human condition/situation/niche there is a show about it. Sometimes they’re informative–who knew those Red Necks in West Virginia were actually Gypsies living is really clean trailers? Sometimes they’re fun, but most of the time it’s a lot of drama. I’m not knocking it, hell, I can’t judge, I watch Bad Girls Club! These shows have their place, people enjoy them, but is it just me or are they all so similar?

Well, they were, until MTV gave some cool kids from the New York City community of Washington Heights, an opportunity to change reality TV. They aren’t rich kids from gated communities, wearing expensive labels (except for Taylor, don’t think I forgot about your designer bags boo-boo), nor were they living in a vacation house, partying the nights away. Nope. These were pretty normal kids trying to figure out how to live their dreams. Except Taylor, who I’m sure is in school to be something practical like an accountant, they all have creative aspirations. This show dared to be different, and told kids it’s OK to dream, and at the same time gave Americans a look at a New York City they didn’t know about before. But the show needs another season, why? Well, they did not show one Dominican baby-shower and it’s a real injustice to my people that the glory of a Dominican baby-shower was not shown to the world. So friends, I implore you to sign this petition, letting MTV know that Washington Heights needs another season. If not for the kids, then do it for the capias; the frilly, overly decorated broach like pins used to remind guests where they are and what they’re celebrating. Do it for cakes bought by the pound from your neighbor’s apartment/bakery.


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