Uptown Poetry: Robot

By Pierina Medina (@ProjectLovebot)


His heart asked me to listen, I heard it very faint.

His aspirations glistened, some tasks filled with constraints.

He looks at me in wonder, the woman in his dreams,

His walls are up but fists are down, his pain pours out in streams.

Another drunken night and countless broken hearts

It puzzles me how great it is that we’re so far apart.

If he gets any closer, deeper into my thoughts

He’d render me defenseless; he’d render my hopes shot.

A beautiful encounter, “my greatest one” I call

Immensely filled with luster, so much it made us fall.

And now I catch myself, I mustn’t show it all

My pride is much too big right now, our hearts covered in scars.

See love is like this challenge, equipped with works of magic;

With tales that are so beautiful and tears that taste so tragic.

I want all of his sadness and I’d love a side of fear

And if he had my lips tonight I’d kiss away those tears.

I’d love him like no other if I knew his love would stay.

I’d comfort him till smiles appeared, made sure he was okay

And then we’d start to play and love would burst in colors

And when we’ve reached our ecstasies we’d kiss and hold each other.

He’d be my inspiration; I’d be his Mary Jane.

He’d be my rock above all stars, a love that’s far from plain.

Together we’d move mountains the world wont be the same

I’d get ahead of my own head I’d want his same last name.

I wouldn’t think twice, I wouldn’t need a clue.

I’d love him with my eyes closed knowing he’d love me too

And nothing would intrude or bring this love to ends,

No one would try to stop us; instead we’d start a trend.

And love would fill the earth, happiness would progress.

We’d feed off each other’s strengths to fuel our success.

 Our minds would be no mess, our souls rid of the stress

If you accept my everything, no more and nothing less.

 Love, P

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