Notes to Self: The Lost Poems – Was It All Worth It?


Frankie Medina

You always have a plan

but life has another

You grew up like family

called each other brother

Mothers went to high school together

got pregnant the same summer

Dreaming and scheming

were your bread and butter

But your lives changed

you chose one path

he didn’t choose the same

you wanted to go to school

he wanted to play the game

and then one night,

everything came to change.

Now he’s facing a 1-4

you wished he listened more

left his girlfriend pregnant

now she hurried out the door

Begged him to take it easy

hold down his father’s store..

But he chose the side he wanted

the money that he flaunted

women that he played

while he was living for the moment.

he did 2 years

came out searching for atonement

and what he came to find

the world was different

from when he owned it

His baby was 2

never knew her father

his girl met another hustler

and didn’t wanna bother

his mother had been sick

got depressed when he left

she had about another year

before she’d be laid to rest

The bills haven’t been paid

and got the family stressed.

So now your boy is a felon

can’t pay the rent

savings been spent

mom on the way to heaven…

and you sit and reminisce how the world

looked so much brighter

playing ball at age 11

You wishing you can take it back

redo it since birth..

so he could realize

everything that glitters

wasn’t all that it’s worth…

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