Uptown Poetry: Calling All SOULdiers

BY @ProjectLovebot

Washington Heights - All You Need is Love Mural

Photo: Briana E. Heard

Venturesome souls, fear not!
Wherever there is evil, hear not!
Instill not storms but evolution
because even storms stop.
Make the plot epic, the delivery hot.

Do it for the LOVE
worry not about the hate.
This here differentiates
from those psyches that don’t relate.

The mission: procreate,
then spawn love in every place.
The proclamation for success:
Kill the hate and every trace!

Obliterate the gloomy past,
the beats that made us savage.
Let the music rid you
of the means for all this baggage.

Do it for the love of art
and how words liberate us,
for the art of writing poetry
shouldn’t render one to hate us.

Do it for the implement that you want it to spread.
Do it for the hearts and souls with too much on their heads.
Do it to emancipate distinctive education,
the kind that will engrave itself, for every generation!

Do it for the need for knowledge,
do it for some power.
Or do it for the future, so our thoughts they shall devour.

Do it for a bigger cause avoiding replication;
do it so you’d never acquiesce to deprivation.
Then excellence accomplished by the knowledge then ingested
can lead to live a lifetime in the manner I’ve suggested


Who am I to tell you how to live it til its done?
Make sure you do it YOUR way,
be sure to have some fun!

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