WHIN By Any Means 2 @ Empire Fash – The Recap

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Video & Photography by Productive Ray (@ProductiveRay09)

Okay, I hate to say I told you so but I told everyone last time that the WHIN By Any Means 2 Showcase was going to a problem. This time around, the huge crowd could not be contained within Empire Fashion and took up a sizable chunk of the sidewalk outside the venue. The beautiful thing was that the event was all love and no nonsense. Even though the cops ended up shutting the event down early due to the sheer size of the gathering, everyone was treated to a host of amazing performance by many of Washington Heights leading artists. Again Mike “DP” Jones did his thing hosting the event and Tellie Floydd did a remarkable job of making sure the show went off without a hitch. This Uptown Hip-Hop thing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is only getting bigger!

With that said, WHIN By Any Means 3 is going to be epic – trust! Stay tuned…

WHIN By Any Means 2

WHIN By Any Means 2

WHIN By Any Means 2


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