Notes to Self: The Lost Poems – If I Can Turn Back Time…


Frankie Medina

The author of the piece, Frankie Medina in the center in orange, in his youth.

If I can turn back time..

leave a message in my mind

I’ll let myself know…

pretty soon things will be fine…

Always chase the money

it comes with women

and the shine

don’t regret the hustle

as long as you do it for the grind

So you dabbled with the crime..

use it to make to make you wiser

and on the nights you think you’re lost

know the mornings will be brighter

Inside you there’s a fighter…

who can never lose..

with a hard road ahead

Know which road you gotta choose…

You’ll get your heart broken

You’re life almost taken

but if you think that’s the end

then my child you are mistaken

through the pain…

you are awakened..

Believe they learn to love

if you learn..

how not to hate them

believe God has a plan

So stop trying to debate him.

Travel paths less taken

know you’re not forsaken

you got Angels on your side

while others roll with Satan!

And I don’t where this ends..

but I know how it began

and every obstacle you face

makes you a better man…

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