Historic Inwood: “Goodbye to Glocamorra” (1968)

BY Led Black @Led_Black

“Goodbye to Glocamorra” (1968) is a documentary film originally made for broadcast on Irish television and is a fascinating look at the predominantly Irish Inwood of yesteryear. The film takes an unflinching look at the forces of transformation at work in the late 1960’s in the neighborhood. Inwood at the time was one of the last Irish immigrant communities in New York City.

Besides being a stroll down memory lane, the documentary captures a community on the cusp of change and a neighborhood in the throes of a deep demographic shift. That Inwood no longer exists but we now find the community going through a similar upheaval, which begs a whole host of questions. Will Uptown retain it’s Dominican identity? Who will define the Uptown of tomorrow? What comes next?


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