Notes to Self: The Lost Poems – Best of Me


Photography by Paul Lomax (@PaulLomaxPhoto)

New Leaf Cafe

Alone in the room
waiting for that moment
looking into your eyes
knowing I can own it
that piece of your heart
ready for atonement
ready for my love
ready for your soul mate

We’ve been through it all
carried when I fall
seen me through the struggle
but kept me standing tall
Lived each others dreams
Seen my come up from the scene
telling me no matter what..
nothing comes between

Now all that’s left…
to make an honest man of me
let’s have this thing forever
as long as we can be
multiply our world
start a family…
take me as your man
fulfill  our destiny…

Cause I’ve seen a lot to you
but there’s much more left to see
And I can have it all
but your the best of me…

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