Rest in Peace: Young Jee

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

DNAinfo reported earlier today that the man known for making elaborate natural art installations in the woods of Inwood Hill Park, Young Jee, passed away last Sunday from natural causes.

The man, who in many ways was a mystery, will be missed as his awesome artwork added a surreal quality to the park. I remember stumbling onto his works a few years back and being blown away by how sophisticated they were even though they were made of leaves, twigs and dirt. I even had a brief encounter with the man himself in one of my many walks in the park. Young Jee exuded a certain otherworldliness and you could tell that he felt at home in the park.

He also played of bit of cat and mouse game with the Parks Department as they would tear down his art installations and in a few weeks he would create another one.

Thank you Young Jee for adding something beautiful and majestic to our beloved Inwood Hill Park.

May you rest in peace….

Young Jee's Art of Nature in Inwood Hill Park Inwood

Young Jee passed away in August 26th, 2012 but the artist remains alive in the minds of those who encountered his sublime work in the wilds of that magnificent park.

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