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Led Black


A. What up people? This is Led Black and my motto is “Spread love it’s the Uptown Way!”

Q. For those who don’t know you personally…Who is Led Black?

Led Black is a Dominican-American writer, blogger, entrepreneur and now a filmmaker. I like to consider myself a paradigm-shifter.

Q. We love ‘The Uptown Collective‘. You provide us with a great deal of information on a daily basis. Where did the idea of a blog come from?

First of all, thanks for the love. The blog basically started as homage to the neighborhood that made me who I am. I like to think of the Uptown Collective as an ever-expanding circle of awesomeness. We have a bunch of folks who are affiliated with the movement and it continues to grow, expand and evolve.

Q. What is your mission through The Uptown Collective?

Firstly, to let the outside world know that this is a great neighborhood and that while many still seem to view the hood as the same place it was in the early 90′s, things have changed and they have changed because the people that grew up here and live here made it a point to change things. The Uptown Collective’s mission is to document in real time what I have dubbed the “Uptown Renaissance” but also to help shape it’s trajectory. In addition, I want the people that grew up here and live here to know about the cool parks, history and culture in their very own backyard.

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