Notes to Self: The Lost Poems – Endure the Pain


Photography by Art By Dj Boy (@ArtByDjBoy)

Patience is a virtue,
but in waiting for it to work
I’m hoping I don’t hurt you
Cause you don’t realize
there’s traitors in your circle
and if you don’t identify em
then somebody’s gonna burn you
I’m praying I can turn you
into the woman that I’ve earned through
my trials and tribulations
and a lot fakers hating
and everyday I’m contemplating
If the results are worth the waiting…

Joy comes with a price
so when I hear the gossip
I don’t want to think it twice
Cause when we are alone
the feeling is too right
so I’m going with the flow
believing this is life
Believe you feel the same
and if it’s worth the battle
then our ego’s can maintain
to truly earn each other’s love
we must endure the pain…

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