Kickstarter Spotlight: Faces of Hope

Faces of Hope is a Photography exhibition and book about the power of the Human Spirit. Inspired by individuals who have been faced with illness, physical or sexual abuse, and discrimination, photographer Jay Franco, curator Roger Reeves and writers Ankita T. Pandya and Pie Soto have collaborated to create the Faces of Hope Project.

The Photography: The portrait has been used by the artist throughout history to capture and record the quality of the human face. A brazen attempt to finalize a brief moment of a ever changing landscape. Franco’s direct black and whites of the subjects in the Faces of Hope Project confront the viewer with a challenge to look past the surface and to peer deeply into the ornate lines and marks in the flesh, to seek understanding of something not so quickly evident.

The Book: The Faces of Hope book co-written by Ankita T. Pandya and Pie Soto combines the actual stories of our subjects with the power of Franco’s photography. Pandya and Soto beautifully record the stories of our subjects told to them by the individuals themselves. These are the stories of people that have encountered terrible situations and have come through to the other side to lead healthy and productive lives.

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