The Art of Nature: Young Jee Returns

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Young Jee's Art of Nature in Inwood Hill Park Inwood

I first came across the artwork of Young Jee when I was traversing the woods of my favorite park in the world, Inwood Hill Park, 2 years ago. I was deep in thought and immersed in nature when I happened upon these beautiful sculptures of animals made using only twigs and other natural objects. It was absolutely striking, a magnificent menagerie in an unlikely place.

Then one day, I came across the man responsible for the work. Since his English was ehh and my Korean was doubly ehh, we did not really communicate but the man has an aura that just exudes peace and tranquility. After that I did not see the man or his work for a long time. That is until about two weeks ago when I again stumbled upon this awesome natural art installation in the same place that the animal sculptures once were. I know right then and there that Young Jee was back.

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