The Uptown Collective Presents The Weekend

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Check out our list of some greats things to do this weekend Uptown and beyond.

Ok, first and foremost, I will be hosting the second iteration of the Led Black Book Club featuring Mr. Robb Todd tomorrow at Apt 78 (4447 Broadway) from 1 to 3pm. His debut collection of short stories, Steal Me For Your Stories, is damn good. There will be a reading followed by a lively discussion. Better yet, this will be an early Saturday afternoon party for Robb and his awesome book. See you there.

After that, it is a must that you attend the fundraiser for the businesses affected by the massive fire on 207th Street at Word Up Books. This event will be hosted by my good friend and Uptown Collective OG Dj Boy.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Testimonios exhibit at El Museo (1230 5th Ave) or the incredible Freedom’s Sisters exhibit at the Shabazz Center (3940 Broadway).

El Museo Del Barrio Testimonios Exhibit

Photo: Collection El Museo Del Barrio

This Sunday it’s going to be one big party. First off, it’s another awesome Que Lo Que celebration at Apt 78 starting at 4pm. This one has a special significance, as it is the day before Dominican Independence Day.

Here you go:

From there, you can continue with the dancing at NegroClaro Lounge (3805 10th Ave) for their Carnaval themed party.

For more info:

Or you can take in the 1st ever Uptown Oscar’s party hosted by Jon Ullman and Dominican Pie at Buddha Beer Bar (4476 Broadway).

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Up Theater is also hosting a Dead of Winter play reading series at Le Chéile NYC (839 W. 181st St) on Sunday Night.

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