Support Your Local Movember Team, Upper Mo-Hattan

BY Carolina Pichardo (@c_pichardo)

What do you get when November hits, and thousands of men and families come together to bring awareness to programs/initiative supporting men’s health? Well, a stylish and lovely moustache.

Plus, a movement called – the Movember Campaign.

So without further ado, get to know your team members, Uptown! You can help them raise the funds they need by visiting their individual pages and clicking on the hyperlinks beneath their respective pictures.

JimSwimm / Captain of Upper Mohattan

Jim’s Motivation: I can’t stand the thought of losing anymore of the people I love & care for — like my grandfather — to cancer. I H8 Cancer!

DennisXenos / Member of Upper Mohattan

Dennis’s Motivation: I know I’m doing it for a good cause.

CarolinaPichardo / Member of Upper Mohattan

Carolina’s Motivation: “cause I’ve had enough with cancer!”

Naomi Fink Member of Upper Mohattan

Naomi’s Motivation: is to change the face of men’s health.

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