End To End For The 99% March – Democracy On The Move

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photography by Art By Dj Boy (@ArtByDjBoy)

Democracy is on the move. Yesterday, I could not help but be profoundly encouraged by the sheer awesomeness and magnitude of people power. On that fateful day, many of us who had never marched before decided that enough was enough. That the status quo is indefensible, criminal even – so we marched, chanted and sang all the way from Washington Heights to Wall Street. There we were; the young, the old, Black, Latino, White, Asian and everything in between. United, determined and empowered with the belief that America’s best days are still in front of her. That, we the 99%, will help to make it so.

As we marched, our resolve and numbers were strengthened by those folks that joined our movement. Even those that didn’t participate in the march, clapped, cheered and waved the peace sign in solidarity with our effort. After nearly 7 hours and 11 miles of walking we reached Zuccotti Park as well as the realization that we are the change that we seek. That if we all stand up for our rights as Americans that we can change the world. We are what real Democracy looks like. From Washington Heights to Wall Street, Times Square to Tahrir Square. The winds of change are blowing mightily and there is nothing that the 1% can do about. This is just the beginning!

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