Explore Inwood Hill Park with Acclaimed Geologist Sidney Horenstein Tonight

Briana E. Heard | The UC

Exploring Inwood Hill Park with Sidney Horenstein

Thursday, September 22nd 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Inwood Hill Park is home to Manhattan’s last natural forest but it’s also the site of many fascinating glacial artifacts. Explore Inwood’s geological history and see relics of the Wisconsin Glacier such as the “Indian Caves.”

Your guide is Sidney Horenstein.  Sid is a geologist by training and Educator Emeritus at the American Museum of Natural History.

This tour is over very hilly and rough terrain.

Location:  Inwood Hill Park – Meet at the park entrance at Seaman Avenue and Isham Street.

Click HERE for a program listing and directions.

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