An Uptown Portrait

An Uptown Portrait: Geanella

An Uptown Portrait is a bi-monthly photo series by journalist Amaris Castillo (@AmarisCastillo). The portraits capture those who reside in upper Manhattan and their candid quips on their side of town.

Geanella is 13. She starts high school this fall. The petite girl moved to the Fort Washington area four years ago. Before that, Ecuador was her home. Geanella, who sits with her sister at a birthday party, has an accent. It is a blend – within it you can hear a country’s presence and the same – and the great promise – of a new one. Her smile is magnetic and her face honest. Quietly, Geanella finishes a writing assignment – a short paragraph about herself. A bit like this one. When asked about her neighborhood, she responds confidently. She likes it – mostly in the summer when it’s hot. “We go to parties, hang out,” the teenager says with the confidence of someone twice her age.  “Winter – we stay home. Hot chocolate.”

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