Rainey’s DR Adventure: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Palo Mamajuana Operation

For one of the last legs of this amazing trip I was taken on a countryside adventure into the forests of Moca, up north! Palo Mamajuana Tea had us meet up with one of its suppliers, a well-known brewmaster. He and his worker walked us through the process of collecting ingredients and preparing them for shipment.

Backseat in a pickup truck.

Some local Mamajuana bottles.



In we go!

Heart of the jungle.

Bark up close.

Some of the collected wood

Bagging up the work.

Palo also had the opportunity to visit the even further northern surf town of Cabarete, where we met some amazing locals that loved the stuff! Check it out.

Mamajuana meets Mama Nature.

Local Cabarete surf champ, Brandon Sanford.

Catch you on the next update,

R. Skates (@raineyskates)

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  • be heard
    June 3, 2011 at 11:29 am

    nice shots rainey!

    looks like an amazing trip!