Meditating in Washington Heights – The Manhattan Times

Written by Gloria Pazmiño

The Meditation Center of New York has brought a new branch to Washington Heights were local residents will now have an opportunity to delve into the mystic practice and learn about the ancient tradition of mind strengthening, meditation, and self control.

Alexandra Bonano, a Washington Heights native, teaches the five-week-long sessions, which include themes and topics from Buddhist teachings established over 2,500 years ago. “I’m excited to be bringing this to this community, I think it’s something that locals could really benefit from,” said Bonano.

The Washington Heights branch operates under the Meditation Center of New York, which has been teaching the branch of Kadampa Buddhism in centers across the city. Kadampa Budhism is a Mahayana Buddhist school founded by Indian Buddhist Master Atisha which focuses on following the “stages of the path to enlightenment.” But don’t let this intimidate you; the classes are very much an outlet for conversation where new practices and schools of thought are explained in an effort to help to expand our mind and understanding of the world around us.

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