Paul Lomax Profiles Mr. Renaissance

BY Paul Lomax

Meet a modern-day Renaissance man, who post by post is bringing down the urban borders of Broadway by tirelessly chronicling the arts, culture and business events of Washington Heights and Inwood through the communities most popular and ever-growing über on-line blog: the “Uptown Collective.”

“The Uptown Collective is here to fill a void, we ARE Broadway!” says Black, a full-time working father of three. “We are not the East or the West. The “UC” is both sides of Broadway bidding to unite the uptown community. I think it’s a time of re-birth for Washington Heights and Inwood, an opportunity for revival, and our main initiative is to be part of that transformation and to document the ever-changing landscape.”

Since taking the reins as Editor-in-Chief in February 2010, Led Black has guided the on-line publication to an ‘in-vogue status,’ transforming the daily blog into the definitive must read Ezine in Northern Manhattan. Readership numbers are in the hundreds and page hits per month are at 12,000 and climbing, calls from local business’s wanting to advertize on-line are growing by the day and Washington Heights “Mr. Renaissance” is not stopping there!

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