BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Again, don’t say we never put you on to nothing. The infamous 40 Oz NYC Crew has collaborated with Atmos (203 W. 125th Street) to put out an ill Limited-Edition “Uptown Reigns” t-shirt. As of late last night, Atmos only had a handful left. Purchase of the t-shirt will also grant you access to the t-shirt release event taking place this Friday night at Atmos. If you need to be reminded how epic 40 Oz functions are, then click the links below or watch Creative Control’s video of 40 Oz Bounce Gone Loko but believe me you don’t want to miss this one. I copped my t-shirt on the day they were released. It is that serious.

40 Oz Bounce Gone Loko – The Recap

40 Oz Bounce VI

For more info: atmosnyc.blogspot.com/

[vimeo= http://vimeo.com/15398794]

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