BY Rainey “Skates” Cruz

Sometimes I worry. I worry about New York City’s art and music scene. I worry that so much time and effort goes into affording the cost of living, that our artists/musicians can no longer afford to pick up their brushes and drumsticks. Then I am reminded. Reminded that its never been easy to get by in this city and that the means still exist. Take my good friend Rodney, for example. Just the other day I was introduced to his makeshift rehearsal space, an apartment off of Broadway, in the 160’s. Its your standard 3-bedroom apartment, except for the fact that the living room is equipped with a full drum kit, a pair of speakers, several guitars, pedals, a bass, and some guitar amps. Seriously. And if you happen to walk inside the building lobby on a Sunday afternoon, the band’s only “safe” practice day, you’ll be able to hear the rock echoing all the way down the stairwell. Whoa! I’ve never been happier to hear music blasting out of another apartment. And who knows, maybe it’s rehearsal at the apartment today, then a live show at rock-friendly shop/venue, Nostylgia, somewhere down the line. Either way, it’s good to hear the music playing Uptown!

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