UP To Present at NoMAA Arts Stroll
As a preview to our inaugural season, UP will present a 20 minute excerpt from the dramatic terrorist prison comedy ALL THE BEST INGREDIENTS by James Bosley.  It will be directed by Wendy McClellan.

The presentation will take place Thursday, June 24, 730PM at BREAD & YOGA, 4951 Broadway between 207th and Isham.  (Prepare to take off your shoes). There will be a short reception prior, and more chat after. And refreshments. Please come, we’d love to see you. Here is the cast:
Rik Walter – Frank
Emmanuelle Bordas – Tanya
Laura Fois – Whitman
Jacqueline Gregg – Jefferson
Raphael Peacock – Koz
Matthew Higgins – Vic

There is No admission fee, but we welcome your dollars in our hats.
Check out our website to learn some things about us: UPtheater.org
James Bosley

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