Park Portfolio – Swindler Cove Park

Photography by Briana E. Heard (@beheardphoto)

Words by Led Black (@Led_Black)

swindler cover_beh-18

More than a park – this place is a living, breathing symbol of the Renaissance that has been taking place around these parts. Serene, tranquil, an oasis of calm and centeredness, a veritable feast for the senses, this is something else. Close your eyes and for a fleeting moment you may forget that you’re in Manhattan.

swindler cover_beh-8

swindler cover_beh-1

swindler cover_beh-7

swindler cover_beh-11

swindler cover_beh-17

swindler cover_beh-2

swindler cover_beh-13

swindler cover_beh-16

swindler cover_beh-3

swindler cover_beh-10


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  • Malika Reid
    July 20, 2010 at 9:21 am

    These photos are beautiful! Can someone please put me in touch with the photographer? I work for NYRP and we would love to have them take pictures of our other parks.