Even though we posted an incredibly innovative Uptown Collective created video by our man Rainey, Friday was an unusually low post day for us at the UC. The reason being is that what began, in earnest, as a UC meeting Thursday night in the patio of The Monkey Room (589 Ft. Wahington Ave) quickly devolved into something else. The good folks at Bacardi were on hand and were giving away free drinks of something they called Dragonberry. Then our good friend, the always generous Hector Bodre of Bodre Cut & Color Room, showed up and began plying us with more alcohol. Before you know it, more people showed up, Hookahs materialized… Needless to say, we were hurting come Friday morning. Therefore our sincerest apologies for the lax productivity on Friday, we will make it up to everyone this week with some extra delectable treats.

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