BY Carolina Pichardo  
You would think that Washington Heights would get the red carpet treatment after all the commotion that the city made about us having the highest Census return rate.  Instead, it seems like we’re getting the same budget cuts and politics here as everywhere else. According to the offices of Council Members Ydanis Rodriguez, Elizabeth Crowley and Robert Jackson, one of our fire companies is in danger of closing.  Although it’s not clear whether Washington Heights’ Engine 93 is one of the 20 companies slated to be closed in June due to Bloomberg’s proposed budget, our firemen and district officials felt the need to ensure that this does not happen here (the rally was just one of several others throughout the city). City reports and statistics claim that this specific firehouse is one of the busiest companies, responding to emergencies in top-spots like Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital and the George Washington Bridge.

It was all very energetic and exciting to see this meeting in action, with all the firemen supporting each other and the top honchos there, including Community Board Chair Pamela Palanque-North. But I’ll be honest with you. I was sort of hoping for Sharpton or Governor Paterson to pop out somewhere in the background and spice things up. In my book, rallies, protests, gatherings, little league games, picnics, my cousin’s wedding are synonymous with their [image]. Then again, that could just be the too New Yorker, pessimistic side of me at it again.

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