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Ask Bago - The Flama

Ask Bago: Make Your Own Frat

College student Matt desperately wants to join a frat but doesn’t have the “look.” So what does he do? He starts his own and recruits Juan Bago to help make his fraternity the coolest place on campus.…

Ask Bago - The Flama

Ask Bago: How to Date Online

In this episode of “Ask Bago,” Juan Bago helps a single guy meet the girl of his dreams online. But when Camacho matches with a hot girl named Marisol, Bago interferes — in all the wrong ways.…

Best of the Boogie Down: A Single Girl from the Bronx Saga

BY Jenni Ruiza (@RuizaJenni) So, I wasn’t Catfished! But then again, given the fact that I’ve become an online dating connoisseur (not really), I know how to weed out the stolen selfies and model photos, versus those who are…