Op-Led: Happy Insurrection Day

By @led_black

4thofjuly - American Flag - Bridge
(Photo: Briana E. Heard)

3 years ago today, the first non-peaceful transfer of power in this country’s history occurred. Don’t let anyone tell you different. What transpired on January 6, 2021 was an attempted coup. Plain and simple. Tyrant Trump riled up his minions to try to stop the certification of an election and hold on to power. January 6 casts a looming shadow still as the Tyrant is poised to once again become President against the totally oblivious and obsolete Biden.

Remember how you felt that day. How you stood transfixed, staring in disbelief at whatever screen you were watching. You could not look away. The barbarians were not only at the gate, they were storming it. Was this really happening? You asked yourself as you contemplated if this was the end of the United States as you knew it. In the initial confusion of that day, no one had an inkling how it would all turn out.

Well, while some of the degenerates that defiled the symbols of American democracy on that day have been brought to justice, the Instigator-in-Chief remains at large and on the cusp of defeating the repugnant and out-of-touch technocrat that currently occupies the White House. Biden and the myopic Democratic Party elite will soon find out that not being Trump is not enough. You have to give people something to vote for not just something to vote against. This forthcoming electoral landslide is on them.

In the near future, when Trump institutes a brutal dictatorship and turns the United States into a “shithole country”, the people that remain, who have not been imprisoned, deported or disappeared, will know that on January 6 it is imperative that you greet everyone that you encounter with a hardy and heart-felt, Happy Insurrection Day.

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